Extended Warranty

Purchasing a vehicle is a notable investment. It is normal to want peace of mind when buying a car. While many vehicles are backed by warranties, not all drivers have the same lifestyle. A car’s warranty may not cover what you need. That is where the Firkins Mitsubishi vehicle protection plan comes into place. Learn more about our vehicle protection plans by reading on.

We offer vehicle contracts from Zurich American Insurance Company. Zurich vehicle service contracts can help you in many different ways. Did you know air conditioning repairs and vehicle computer repairs can often approach $1,000, major engine issues can exceed $3,000 in repair costs, and a transmission problem can cost more than $2,000? With Zurich vehicle service contracts, you don’t have to worry about these expenses.

We offer several different levels of coverage when selecting a vehicle protection plan through Zurich American Insurance Company. Rental Plus Coverage includes towing services, roadside assistance (including flat tires changes, gas and fluids delivery, frozen locks, lockout services, jump starts), trip interruption coverage for food and lodging expenses, and rental reimbursement for two days.

If you opt for Powertrain Coverage, this plan offers everything Rental Plus Coverage includes, plus drive axle, transmission, transfer case, and engine coverage including lubricated and non lubricated parts of the engine including diesel engines.

The next level up is Standard Coverage, which includes everything Powertrain Coverage includes, plus electrical system, heating and air conditioning, brakes, steering, and suspension coverage.

Next is Preferred Coverage, which offers Standard Coverage’s offerings, plus additional coverage for interior and exterior components, electric components, heating and air conditioning components, cooling system, brake components, and steering components.

Lastly, we have Comprehensive Coverage, which fully covers the vehicle except for parts normally considered consumables, like light bulbs, upholstery, hoses, and parts not installed by the factory.

At Firkins Mitsubishi, we’ve thought of everything. The coverage you receive when you purchase a car with us is designed with your specific needs in mind. To shop our selection of vehicles, check out our website or call our sales staff at 941-909-3762 today!