Oil Changes are Important for Your Vehicle

May 1st, 2020 by

As a car owner, you likely already know you should receive routine oil changes. However, you may not know just how important oil changes are for your vehicle. To learn more about how important oil changes are, keep reading.

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Vehicles require oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or so. Do you know why a vehicle should receive an oil change though? Oil is a critical component in keeping your engine running right.

The engine of your vehicle features moving parts of metal. These metal parts often rub against each other. Without oil, this rubbing can cause friction that can damage or even break parts of the engine. If these parts break, you cannot drive your vehicle. With frequent oil changes, the parts of your vehicle can be lubricated with fresh and safe oil.

This fresh oil can help the parts of your engine last longer. There will be less accumulation of varnish and carbon within your engine with frequent oil changes. Engines can also get hot, but oil helps keep the engine cool enough to run safely.

If you are thinking about skipping an oil change to save money, think again. Skipping out on oil changes can actually cost you money. A vehicle that doesn’t receive frequent oil changes does not run efficiently. This can cause you to visit the gas pump more frequently. If you skip an oil change, you also risk engine damage. To save money, extend the life of your vehicle, and keep your vehicle running safely, receive routine oil changes.

Whether you are unsure of which oil is right for your vehicle or you aren’t confident in changing your oil yourself, Firkins Mitsubishi can help. Visit us to receive a quick and affordable oil change. To schedule your oil change with our service team, give Firkins Mitsubishi a call at 941-260-0562 today!

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