Common Auto Repairs

August 3rd, 2020 by

Breakdowns happen to the best of us. If you drive a car, you can expect to need some auto repairs at some point down the road. These are the most common auto repairs you can expect:

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The most common auto repair is an oil change. Every car requires oil changes at least twice a year. Your vehicle runs via moving metal parts. Fresh and clean oil allows these parts to move without wearing each other down. If you do not replace your oil at least twice a year, your vehicle could encounter more serious problems. An oil change is quick, easy, and affordable.

The second most common auto repair is a wiper blade replacement. Replacing your wiper blades is one of the easiest and least expensive repairs you can experience. Wiper blades go through wear and tear whenever they are used. If your windshield has streaks, even after using wiper fluid, it is time to replace your wiper blades for the cleanest and clear view possible.

There are many filters within your vehicle, including an oil filter and an air filter. Having these filters cleaned and replaced on a routine basis allows you to operate your vehicle safely. During an oil change, a mechanic will likely inspect your filters and clean or replace them as needed.

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your car. You should have your tires rotated at least twice a year, the same time as you receive an oil change. Tire rotations allow you to extend the lifespan of your tires. In addition to rotations, you should also replace your tires as the tread wears down. The tread is what helps your tires grip the road. Without tread, you are more likely to lose control of your vehicle when driving on slick surfaces.

Finally, brake work is a common auto repair. Brakes wear down over time and it is normal to need to repair or replace your brakes every few years. It is important to have your brakes checked often because poorly functioning brakes can be incredibly dangerous.

If you need assistance with any of these common auto repairs, visit Firkins Mitsubishi. To schedule a service appointment, call us at 941-260-0562.

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